‘Professional Educators Assessment and Results System’
is a new and innovative web-based application
for tracking educator performance.

Because of its legitimacy among educators, its user-driven functionality,
its high technical reliability achieved though agile development,
and its use of cloud technology and database design,
PEARS is an application positioned to resolve the technical challenges being faced
by many school districts throughout Florida.

Furthermore, PEARS is designed to support a rubric-based, observation,
and self-improvement protocol which is exactly the same protocol used
by the majority of Florida school districts,
so cost and time of adaptation are relatively minimal.


Cloud-based to ensure reliability and availability, reduce downtime, and improve access to information and data. Also eliminates need for districts to purchase and maintain hosting hard ware.

Role-based permissions and authentication procedures to prevent unauthorized access to data and to create an audit trail for all data changes.

Improved usability and navigation that condenses the various evaluation elements into one page. Device independent and responsive so users can access PEARS on their laptops, tablets or workstations. Teachers and administrators have the same view of observation reports and score calculations, improving transparency and trustworthiness.

Tracks the progress and continuous status of first year teachers through their Professional Orientation Program . Database driven rubrics make it easy to upgrade and re-configure.